Marcus' Dreams Fulfilled

Marcus Washington realized he had fallen in love with Kenya Reynolds the night he escorted her to her senior prom. Since Kenya is the sister of his overprotective best friend, Derrin, he knew he could never reveal his feelings. So, he buried his feelings through Kenya's college years. He also sat back and silently watched as she became involved with one horrible mate after the other. He knew acting on his feelings would seem foolish and he wasn't signing up to look like or be anyone's fool. Then one night changed his plans.

During his late night shift at the police station, he was more than intrigued when Kenya appeared at the duty station ranting about some incident. Marcus kept his distance, but listened in. He learned that Kenya wanted to file a police report against her current boyfriend for a laundry list of offenses, including theft from her checking account, hacking into her computer and forwarding nude photos of her by email. The police officer, an older woman, did not show any concern as she asked Kenya to complete an incident report.

Kenya, bit her lip and pondered her next move. Her demeanor slightly calmed and she softly asked, "Will this report be made public? I mean, if I complete this form will my family and friends have access to my charges?" Marcus was not certain of the response the older officer provided, but he assumed she recited the standard response from their law enforcement manual. He walked over to the desk and stopped beside Kenya. Before he could say anything, she laid her head on his uniformed chest and balled her eyes out. As he wrapped his arms around her waist and rubbed her back to calm her down, he knew he couldn't hide his feelings for her much longer.

Kenya felt the warmth of Marcus' embrace and wanted to remain in his protective clasp forever. She was overwhelmed with emotions and she was forced to release them the moment she laid eyes on Marcus. She couldn't believe she was here in his arms. Of course, she has longed to be in his arms since she was a teenager and he was a college classmate of her brother's. But she could never draw his attention after they kissed following her prom. Thereafter, she tried to project a "I don't want you or care who you are with" attitude whenever she was around him, but with the deception of her current boyfriend coupled with the chance her family could learn how stupid she was to allow $10,000 to be stolen from her account, she could not stop her body from falling into Marcus' embrace. She knew he always thought of her as a child, but she was a woman whether he wanted to acknowledge it or not.

Kenya's breasts pressed against his chest and Marcus knew if he allowed her to remain there for another minute, she would detect his growing erection. Marcus was always surprised she never noticed it in the past. Then again she never noticed him, so he couldn't expect her to notice any other part of him. He swallowed his emotions and gripped the sides of Kenya's arms to push her body back so he could look into her eyes.

"Now, do you want to tell me what has you all bothered, tonight?" He asked without a clue how his words could be interpreted by an emotional woman.

Kenya debated the numerous ways she could respond to his inquiry. The reply on the tip of her tongue was he had her hot and bothered every night not just tonight. She clamped her lips together and gazed into his eyes. For some strange reason, she thought she saw hot desire in his eyes. Surely, she was imagining things or was she?

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