Jared's Midtown Meltdown

     Jared Thornton always knew he would fall in love quickly with the woman who would become the love of his life, the mother of his children and his wife. But his instant reaction to the woman standing in what appeared to be an abandoned home dressed in sexy lingerie took him by surprise. Jared truly believes in signs and interprets the turn of events as an indication that the beauty is meant to be his wife. His friends think he is reading too much into the situation. Is he? Only time will tell.

    Genevieve Simmons has been hoping she would pinch herself and wake up from the nightmare she's been living for the past month. Just when she thought things were coming to an end, she is left nearly naked in a house with no clue if the man she met is the mark or an innocent bystander. She knows she can't back out of the deal she made, at least not until she gets the money for her brother's surgery. Something tells her this is the beginning of great changes in her life. Is it? Only time will tell