Ennis' Seductive Surrender

     Ennis Maxwell and his four friends made a pact to never fall in love. Now, with all four of his friends married or engaged Ennis feels betrayed. Ennis has filled all his free time with work and advancing his career, in order to avoid feeling abandoned by his friends. He is filling the void in his life with work just like his mother did when his father left her. Since Ennis does not want children, he figures he's better off without the promises of love and ever after. Will he ever make time for love?

    Chardon Taylor begrudgingly counts the days on her calendar until her hysterectomy surgery. She has already pushed the date back twice in hopes of finding a man to father her children. She thinks she's finally found the answer to her problem – marrying her friend Botko, a foreign exchange student. She shares her plans with Ennis, a new co-worker in her office. When love seemingly begins between the two, everything changes once Ennis discovers Chardon's plans. He leaves her high and dry. Will she go through with her plans or devise a new plan with a new man?