Derrin's Hot Pursuit

     Ever since Derrin Reynolds' ex-fiancĂ© Nicole cheated on him and left to marry another man, Derrin vowed to never fall in love again. The single life suited him just fine until one night changed everything. Derrin woke up in bed with his sister's best friend Chloe Dancy. But this time his one and done motto was not enough for Derrin. He wanted more, he wanted it all. Would Chloe help heal his heart so he could give love a second chance? Or would she run from his love as fast as she could?

    Chloe Dancy has avoided the company of a man for so long she does not know how to handle a man like Derrin. But once she gets a taste of Derrin will she jump head first into the dating scene or twist her way into Derrin's heart. Only time will tell.