Calvin's Trick or Treat

     With his recent promotion, accommodating women and fun loving personality, Calvin Jameson is enjoying life to the fullest. But his life is turned upside down the minute he reads a text from Tricia Martin, a woman he spent two blissful weeks with. Tricia's text proclaiming she is pregnant and Calvin is the father sent his life into a downward spiral. Calvin shouts to the world the unborn baby is not his. So why does he pretend to be engaged to Tricia when his heart has latched onto Amber Kennedy? Is this all a trick, if so, who is tricking whom?

    Amber Kennedy desired a man to love her and her only with all the passion she read about. Calvin Jameson's reputation preceded him, which is why Amber wanted to run and hide the second she laid eyes on Calvin the first day in her defensive driving class. However, her feet, eyes and heart planted her in place, hoping he was the man she was waiting to love. Would Calvin prove to be the treat her heart longs for or is it all an illusion?